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Supply quality-driven bug-free web and mobile software applications to delight your users with an exceptional experience, security, and performance with our QA & Software testing services.

Software testing services

The digital transformation journey has become straightforward due to the use of innovative software applications, tools, and technologies. Its no doubt that there has been a surge in the integration of software for the industrial revolution in recent times. Developing software applications seems to be a simple task, but delivering them without errors and of high quality has become very challenging with the increasing client demands. This is where QA & software testing services pitch in for deploying fine-rate flawless applications.

Nemo IT Solutions is a leading software testing company that leverages modern software testing tools and technologies in order to provide the best QA & software testing services to a spectrum of industries across the United States, including healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, finance, banking, insurance, and so on. Our goal is to supply our clients with high-quality, error-free software applications. In fact, we are competent to do so by blending our knowledge, industry experience, and cutting-edge software testing tools and technologies.

Adopt top-notch software testing services that encompass both manual and automation testing, based on the complexity of your project and business objectives.

Manual Testing

Our testers perform manual testing without using any automation tools. Our testing team is composed of skilled professionals who are proficient in various testing methods and test cases. The testing team will compare the software application’s behavior to the expected behavior in order to identify bugs or other defects and develop test cases. The text cases are manually executed to fix bugs and deploy error-free apps.

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Automation Testing

Our testers employ automated software testing tools to perform automation testing. Flawless applications can be deployed within no time through automation testing. Our testing crew has good knowledge of both manual and automation testing methods along with frameworks, software, and tools. Initially, the testers will produce the test scripts however the rest such as test case execution, bug identification, and fixing errors will be done through automation.

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Nemo IT Solutions Software Testing Suite

Being a software testing company, our software testing services are intended to supply error-free software applications to our clients all around the United States by executing a myriad of software tests to fix the issues that arose during the software testing life cycle through agile methodology while also assuring quality.

Have a software testing challenge to alleviate?

Nemo IT Solutions can support you in resolving your software testing concerns with our knowledge, tools, test suite, and industry experience.

Software Quality Assurance Services

Functional Testing

We conduct functional testing to ensure that the application features function properly in accordance with the system requirements. Our QA team validates each function and confirms that the output is consistent and works as expected based on the input. Our professionals are mainly concerned with the user interface, databases, security, APIs (Application Performance Interface), and other software functionalities.

Performance Testing

We conduct performance testing to guarantee that the software applications function properly under the expected workload. Our quality assurance team validates system performance in terms of sensitivity, responsiveness, and stability under a certain workload. Our specialists focus on scalability, detecting bottlenecks, and assessing system performance under workloads while ensuring system performance to manage the expected number of users.

Security Testing

We conduct security testing to verify that software systems and applications are free of threats and risks that might result in loss. Our QA team validates systems, data repositories, and software applications to identify vulnerabilities, data breaches, unauthorized access, and other security issues in order to protect against potential hackers. Our experts focus on identifying software bugs, network attacks, and other security-malicious hazards.

Usability Testing

We conduct usability/user experience testing to figure out whether the application is easily accessible and user-friendly. Our QA team mainly emphasizes the parameters like the application’s accessibility, flexibility in handling its features & functionalities, and capability to meet its objectives. Basically, our team uncovers all user-related issues to improve end-user satisfaction through seamless products before launching into the market.

Compatibility Testing

We conduct compatibility testing to determine whether the software application is compatible with multiple platforms and environments. Our QA team verifies the functionality of the designed software application across multiple operating systems, databases, server infrastructure, hardware platforms, networks, and browsers. Nemo IT Solutions’ major aim is to prevent any sort of compatibility issues that might pop up in the future.

Mobile App Testing

We conduct mobile application testing that is native, web, or hybrid in nature. Our QA team is well-versed in both manual and automated testing methods, and they apply them on all advanced mobile models to ensure that the supplied applications satisfy all of your business requirements and user expectations. We make that our applications are highly secured, scalable, and run on various platforms through mobile app testing services.

Business benefits of Nemo IT Solutions data analytics services

Nemo IT Solutions can be your reliable partner in producing high-quality applications that are devoid of flaws. We stand out from our competitors due to our unique testing methodologies, bespoke quality assurance services, and experienced software testers. We are a client-centric company, thus customer satisfaction is our foremost priority. We ensure that our clients are involved throughout the testing process to maintain transparency and confirm that all incorporated features are in accordance with the client’s recommendations. Our QA and testing team are staffed with highly skilled and qualified professionals. Our QA team makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as machine learning, computer vision, neural networks, and natural language processing for supplying fine-rate software quality assurance services.

Nemo IT Solutions is your perfect IT services vendor, proficient in developing outstanding applications, along with software testing, quality assurance, and application maintenance in the USA.

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