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Manage your entire business, including supply chain management, compliance, risk management, project management, customer engagement, customer relations, and customer retention seamlessly.

CRM Services

Customers are the ones that propel business growth. Understanding and satisfying their demands has become one of the most difficult challenges for businesses. Adopting cloud CRM software is indeed a solution to all customer-related concerns. Nemo IT Solutions is one of the leading CRM services providers in USA. We have been supplying quality-driven CRM services to several industries, including B2B and B2C sectors over the years.

Employ our CRM services, simplify your business’s mundane tasks while improving customer interactions. We help you in understanding your consumers, analyzing their demands, categorize, and deliver customer niche products by harnessing modern technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Replace your traditional CRM services with cloud-based CRM services, that can be easily installed on the CRM provider’s own servers and accessed virtually at any time from anywhere on the internet.

Eliminate the need for local servers by adopting cloud-based CRM platforms like Microsoft dynamics 365 and Salesforce cloud CRM software that are easily accessible over the web. Choose the ideal cloud CRM software that fits into your business model.

Salesforce CRM

Through Salesforce CRM all kinds of industrial sectors can get benefited from the services related to marketing, customer relations, customer services, management, analytics, and sales. Get an interactive approach to all of your business workflows for effective and efficient customer management. Accessing your customers’ information is simple since the data is all in one location, saving you time. At the same time, your consumers can easily track their orders and receive a clear view of the products.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Manage both CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) services by implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM software into your business architecture. Get detailed information about both customers and enterprise functionalities like consumer behavior, interests, transactions, and records, as well as information about orders and tracking using AI technologies. Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM into your business model to enhance sales, marketing, business relations, and customer support.

Know about our CRM consulting services in USA and integrate our proven customer relationship management strategies to make a difference in your business growth.

Our IT consultants are highly knowledgeable and experienced in implementing effective customer relationship management strategies. Our clients have witnessed growth in their leads and productivity by more than 30%. The overall business revenue has increased by 25% while improving customer satisfaction by 35%. We will support you in generating more leads by designing effective marketing strategies. Through the campaigns, we run across various social media platforms we will gather all your customer’s data and structure it for easy accessibility. Deliver personalized services & products to your customers with the provided valuable insights.

We guarantee 100% client satisfaction, engagement, and retention through the best CRM support services in USA.

ERP Services

Managing day-to-day business workflows is quite complex. Until the invention of ERP, separate systems were maintained for typical business tasks such as sales and marketing, finance, human resources, manufacturing, and supply chain management. Businesses struggled with their conventional methods of maintaining data for these multiple incompatible separate systems, resulting in a gap in the database. Implementing ERP services into your business models could be an effective solution.

With ERP services, you can merge all conventional management functions into a logically integrated system. Despite ERP installation having significant benefits, ERP implementation failure may lead to an organization’s bankruptcy. We can be your reliable business partner for ERP implementation services. Since Nemo IT Solutions is a provider of ERP consulting services in the United States, we have consistently delivered the best ERP services to our clients and partners to date. Our pool of ERP services that are best suited to your business needs.

Nemo IT Solutions is competent in designing a completely new ERP system from the ground up or customizing your existing systems with specific integrations. Learn more about our ERP services.

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ERP Consulting Services

At Nemo IT Solutions, Our ERP consulting experts are quite experienced & talented at analyzing your existing business environment and comprehending your strategic business requirements & objectives. We cover both technical and functional consulting services.

ERP Implementation Services

If ERP implementation goes wrong, it might be a nightmare resulting in financial losses for an organization. However, our ERP implementation service team at Nemo IT Systems is highly skilled and capable of handling the entire deployment of your customized networks, servers, and data management solutions while safeguarding data security.

Customized ERP Solutions

We supply tailored ERP solutions to all industrial sectors, whether it is a startup, small, medium, or large corporation in the United States. Our IT professionals are competent in building robust and highly scalable ERP systems that withstand the test of time. We cover everything from workflow automation to data integration, module upgrades, and system modifications.

ERP Managed Services

Managing applications is a difficult task that will take a lot of time away from the things that are actually important. To simplify your work, our ERP-managed service experts perform proactive monitoring, management, and support of your ERP systems, by finding, resolving, and preventing issues before they emerge really complicated.

ERP Application Development

Our developers are experienced in building high-quality ERP applications that can operate on all platforms including web, mobile, and desktop by using trending technologies and programming languages tailored to your business needs. Our developing team is skilled in all kinds of technologies including Oracle PLSQL, SAP ABAP, SAP S/4 HANA, and so on.

Check out the leading ERP platforms on which we work.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

We help small and medium-sized businesses in developing, integrate, and deploy applications more quickly while tailoring off-the-shelf ERP solutions with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Kickstart your ERP and CRM implementation journey with Nemo IT Solutions.

We are equipped with skilled professionals who are highly qualified and competent in designing bespoke CRM & ERP solutions for clients across a broad range of industries.

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