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Access your sensitive business data to extract meaningful insights for better decision-making. Shift your conventional business operations into new business models to generate better revenue streams.

Data Analytics Services

There is absolutely no doubt that data has become a valuable asset for businesses in today’s era. Data management is very important; in fact, gathering information, organizing the data, analyzing the data, creating patterns, and drawing conclusions all contribute to obtaining valuable insights that result in the transformation of your business workflows and models. According to Gartner, data-driven decision-making can help businesses grow their overall revenues by 40%.

Adopt our data analytics services to help you make better business decisions based on raw data. We have covered everything under data analytics services, such like gathering all unstructured raw data, storing it, analyzing massive data, classifying the data, organizing it into blocks, creating patterns, anticipating possible business outcomes, tracking customer behaviors, and improving customer satisfaction. Nemo IT Solutions facilitates data analytics services to a wide range of industries, covering healthcare, hospitality, banking, finance, insurance, e-Commerce, logistics, freight, and many more around the United States.

Are you pondering reshaping your business models with data analytics services?

Nemo IT Solutions can be your ideal partner in this journey, we combine advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), automation tools, data mining, data visualization, and so on with data analytics services to build the best business models.

Our Data Analytics Tech Suite

Cognos Analytics
Qlik View
Apache spark

Our Data Analytics Services

Collecting data from the available sources

We gather information from multiple sources and patch them together into a unified format for better data analysis. Both structured & unstructured data are collected from primary & secondary sources and inserted into relevant databases through automation. Throughout the process, we use well-defined processes for data collection and management.

Development and maintenance of data architecture

Data engineering services are aimed to help our clients capitalize on untapped potential. We adopt NLP-based algorithms to manage both structured and unstructured data. Our team uses product handling data, collecting operation data, and client feedback for constructing effective models. Our models are engineered in a way that enables improved predictive accuracy.

Business Intelligence

Adopting BI is entirely up to our client's choice, and we operate in accordance with their preferences. As part of our data analytics solutions, we help our clients in identifying their trends & weaknesses and acting accordingly by engineering the data in the cloud, conducting advanced analytics, developing deep learning models, and visualizing it.

Advanced Analytics

We use a wide range of advanced analytical methods to produce actionable insights for better decision-making. We aid our clients in terms of sales, marketing, and campaigning with powerful predictive analytics, while other data analytics solutions are utilized to visualize and provide valuable insights quickly for our clients from multiple domains in the United States.

Marketing Analytics

Our team at Nemo IT Solutions conducts extensive market research and marketing analytics to track, analyze, and reinvent businesses to help them perform better by leveraging innovative technologies. We generate a 360-degree perspective of your customer's behavior and help you in launching personalized campaigns for customer engagement and retention.

Sales Analytics

Our data analytics tools can assist you in visualizing and tracking all sales actions leading up to conversions. We also use our research and analytics knowledge to explore opportunities for your growth. Our data analytics solutions are completely customized to revolutionize your sales while also delivering the expected ROI in the competitive market.

Nemo IT Solutions employs a well-defined end-to-end work process to provide effective data analytics solutions as per your business needs.

Expert Consultation

Our professionals are quite skilled at understanding your business challenges and need once you approach us. They will analyze your business data and draw conclusions based on your remarks during the consultation. In the end, our experts will set goals based on your industry demands.

Mining and Analyzing business data

Following the consultation, once after setting the goals, our crew of data engineers will access both internal and external data furnished by you. Hence, the team will use the agile methodology to investigate the datasets for data mining & data analysis.

Visualization/Modeling of business data

Right after data analysis and data mining ultimately, our engineers will develop a model and train it based on the data that has been recorded/provided. Created data analytics models are developed with the utmost accuracy to meet your business objectives.

Optimizing the data model

Following data modeling, our data scientists and engineers will fine-tune the selected analytics model by analyzing all data metrics. After implementing changes, the team examines the model’s performance to determine whether the overall accuracy has improved.


Once the improvements were completed and the model is performing with the desired accuracy, the team deploys the model to the test server, where it starts working with real data and tracks the real-time results. If the model runs properly in the test server, it is deployed successfully.


Post-deployment, we serve our clients with productive maintenance support services round-the-clock such as upgrades, hot patching, and so on, as well as technical support in the United States.

Business benefits of Nemo IT Solutions data analytics services


We supply a comprehensive array of software development, product testing, optimization, and data analytics services that can be used to speed up the product's time to market.


We have deep domain experience, Nemo IT Solutions is staffed with highly experienced data engineers, developers, and scientists for offering quality-driven data analytical models.


Nemo IT Solutions is a data analytics company, we have partnered with a wide range of organizations throughout the United States to help them stand out in the global market by using cutting-edge technologies.


Delivering impactful insights is our ultimate objective, hence we supply these insights, reports, and engagements by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


Our team closely works with C-Suite crew such as CEOs (Chief Executive Officers), CFOs (Chief Financial Officers), COOs (Chief Operating Officers), CDOs (Chief Data Officers), and CAOs (Chief Analytics Officers) to extract meaningful insights in order to make better data-driven decisions

Tap on your raw business data to get actionable insights for transforming your business models.

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