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Share your creative ideas, and we will develop outstanding applications accordingly. We are specialized in building web and mobile applications that provide an amazing user experience.

Custom Application Development Services

Over recent years, our lives have become much simpler with a single tap. This is all due to the various applications available over the web. Applications have evolved into an excellent medium for businesses to interact with their consumers in order to promote their brands, services, and products.

Nemo IT Solutions is a top software development company in the United States. We offer custom application development services to many industries, including healthcare, hospitality, banking, finance, insurance, and many others. Web application development and mobile application development are a part of our custom application development services. We develop quality-driven applications tailored according to your industry needs.

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Have an idea? We will bring it to life and monetize it by developing a one-of-a-kind application accordingly for various platforms.

Web Application Development

We develop fine-rate web applications that are robust, scalable, secure, and fulfill your industry objectives as well as provide value to your business. We cover all kinds of industries to enhance their operational efficiency, boost business revenues, and improve customer satisfaction. Being a web application development company, we have assisted various industries with custom web application development services to overcome their challenges. Our developers are skillful in developing user-friendly web pages and websites that can run on various operating systems.

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Mobile Application Development

Under mobile application development services we cover all kinds of mobile platforms, including Android and iOS systems. Regardless of whether native or cross-platform, we deploy customized applications that meet your business objectives while maintaining security. Our developers have great expertise in developing full-fledged iOS applications that are reliable, robust, and compatible with iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple wearables. Simultaneously, they build Android applications that are scalable, resilient, and interoperable with Android phones, TVs, tablets, and watches.

Optimize the process of application methodology and DevOps strategy.

Nemo IT Solutions is a customer-focused company, and client satisfaction is our primary priority. We ensure that the applications are deployed on time with top quality. And we make this happen by adopting agile methodology and DevOps strategy in SDLC.

Agile Methodology

Our developers use agile methodology to deliver applications on time. Basically, the entire project is split into various sprints for feature development. We include our clients in every sprint and launch feature after receiving client approval. The features are developed independently, one after the other, with client participation. This is a continuous cycle, the sprints will be planned till all the features are incorporated into the application. 

agile methodology
DevOps methodology

DevOps Methodology

As part of DevOps, our developers and operators collaborate to create flawless applications on time. Throughout the software development life cycle, our developers and operators work on planning, developing, testing, deploying, and monitoring. CI/CD aids in the automation of the SDLC, resulting in the deployment of error-free applications, reduced bug-fixing time, and timely launch of user-friendly applications.

Stop worrying about size and complexity, forsake monolithic architecture, and swap it with microservices for massive applications.


Developers invest a significant amount of time in building large applications. We simplify it and bring it to market quickly by using microservices. Various application functionalities are considered separate services. Instead of working on the entire application at once, our developers work on individual services and then integrate them to build a complete application. Each of these separate services can be written in different programming languages, deployed in different infrastructures, and managed by different teams. Individual teams will take care of the individual services and work with other teams to share the information in response.

Initiate your digital journey by leveraging contemporary software technologies to enhance your business value in USA.

Nemo IT Solutions is always on the lookout for emerging technologies, and its workforce is trained and upgraded accordingly in order to deliver innovative solutions. Delight your users with expressive and feature-rich web and mobile applications with our extensive experience working with all major technologies. We have covered a wide range of technologies within our tech stack.

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Mobile Application Development Technologies

Web Application Development Technologies

Our Application Development Services

Application Consulting

Firstly, our consultants analyze the competition in your industry and then formulate an idea for developing a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). They analyze your business goals and develop detailed software requirements specifications, application architecture design, technology stack recommendations, integration planning, and expenditure breakdowns.

Application Development

We create flawless applications by conducting in-depth UX designs to provide our clients with the best user-centric UI designs. In fact, we cover all stages of application design and development by utilizing Agile and DevOps development, with releases every 2-3 weeks. We perform KPI-based evaluation and high test coverage at an optimum cost.

Application Modernization

We go beyond application development by providing post-development services such as upgrading the existing model, adding and deleting features from the application, cloud migration, and code modification. In addition to this, we incorporate advanced technologies such as AR/VR, IoT, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Blockchain, and others based on your requirements.

Consult Us to get the best quality Custom Application Development Services in the United States.

  • Discuss your business objectives and application ideas with our experts, and they will assist you in developing an altogether new application as well as provide guidance on every stage of your application’s development life cycle.
  • In-house, we are staffed with developers who are well knowledgeable about various emerging technologies and have experience in developing software applications according to the client’s needs.
  • We provide rapid solutions in order to avoid major issues that may develop during operation, technology, or coding. We ensure that the applications are user-friendly and cross-platform compatible.

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