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Application Maintenance and Support

Elevate the value of your business by keeping your applications up to date. Leverage our advanced technologies to upgrade your software applications and keep them working like before. under application support services

Application Maintenance and Support

Developing applications has become very simple in recent times, but the lack of their maintenance can adversely affect your business operations. Improve your business efficiency by upgrading legacy applications with modern technologies that keep you in line with current trends. Nemo IT Solutions, as a software development company, designs and develops applications for various platforms. Along with application development, we offer application maintenance and support services to a plethora of industries across the United States.

Let your applications benefit your business growth by integrating our application maintenance and support services into your business model. Everything will be handled by us, including application migration, modernization, monitoring, security, and support. As a part of AMS services, new features are added, inefficient features, and old features are removed in applications according to your business requirements. We deploy automation in application maintenance and support services to improve your business activities and enable mass manufacturing of high-quality products while improving security, lead time, safety, and workloads.

Manage your IT needs in order to stay ahead of the competition by delighting your customers with our Application Maintenance and Support Services.

Everyone envisions that application maintenance is only about fixing bugs or faults in applications, but Nemo IT Solutions does more than that. Our team performs proactive performance monitoring, upgrades, fault correction, and modifications on a regular basis. In fact, we integrate automation to support your business applications in order to keep you competitive globally. all the activities like application upgrades, testing, migration, and monitoring are done automatically with minimal human intervention. Learn more about our Application Maintenance and Support Services.

Application Maintenance Services

Migrating Applications to the Cloud

We build applications on a myriad of cloud platforms, including public, private, and hybrid clouds. Along with this, if your enterprise applications are on your local server, we will migrate them to the cloud-based platforms on your business recommendations.

Application evolution upgrading

Our team performs periodic audits and upgrades your current application with new features while deleting features that are no longer required or are not working right. We also improve the functionality of the existing application and restructure the code as per your needs.

Monitoring application performance

We proactively monitor application systems to ensure that all features are working effectively. We use the best methods and tools in this process to evaluate application performance and uncover software problems. After identifying the problems, our professionals will rectify them and test the application.

Security against cyber threats

Stop worrying about software vulnerabilities; we will support you in minimizing cyber threats. We use industry-leading software security, hardware solutions, and strategies to secure your valuable business data against cyber attacks. Our tech stack is piled with modern tools like invicti, Acunetix, Veracode, and many others.

AMS Support Services

Under AMS support services we cover everything including proactive monitoring, updating, hotfixes, performance, and other software application support. Our IT support team collaborates with you on several levels to resolve both internal and external problems.

Incorporate RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and Chatbots to support your business at all levels and speed up business operations by reducing the ticket inflow with Nemo IT AMS support services in USA.

First Support Level

In the very first level our IT support team will respond to our client inquiries, gathers data from them, make requests, and perform basic troubleshooting such as login and password issues, menu navigation, software installation, and setup using SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). If the problem is not resolved here then the IT support staff will escalate the concern by filing a ticket to the next level.

Second Support Level

At the second level, our IT support team will interact with the level-1 specialist to determine the kind of assistance given to the customer. They will carry out thorough research to understand the problems and suggests a suitable solution accordingly. Finally, if the problem is not fixed even at this level, a new ticket is generated and escalated to the next level.

Third Support Level

Ultimately, our core IT team will be on the spot to resolve the problem. Our specialist engineers, architects, and developers will carry out a thorough investigation to figure out the root cause, and the necessary changes in system design, code, and architecture will be made to the product by communicating it to the level-1, level-2 team, and IT professionals involved in product development.

Set up a partnership with Nemo IT Solutions

We are not just a vendor; let us establish a strong alliance. We uphold our commitments by signing a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with you to strengthen our partnership, trust, morale, communication, and productivity.

How can your business benefit from our AMS services in the United States?


Our application maintenance and support services are completely personalized, we tailor the services to your specific needs, including any kind of maintenance and support.


Complete end-to-end assistance will be provided to your business by our expert team right from monitoring to identifying bugs & fixing them and testing the remodeled application for better performance.


Customers are our lifeline, therefore their satisfaction is our foremost priority. We make absolutely sure our relationships with our clients is organic and healthy. Our SLAs are well-structured, with all important terms and conditions specified in the agreement to foster transparency and trust.


We also provide onsite-offshore and nearshore AMS project models to various clients in order to improve business scalability, productivity, business revenue reduction, quality of applications, security, and customer satisfaction.


Avoid unexpected interruptions in your business processes by identifying vulnerabilities and maintaining the health of your business networks, security, & infrastructure.


Our IT team is readily available 24/7 throughout the year to resolve any technical issues that might arise internally or externally, patch bugs, conduct root cause analysis, and supply end-to-end support services.

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